AMtrinsic® - Spherical Refractory Metal Powders Optimized for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, provides the possibility to produce complex, individually customized parts. This technology has revolutionized manufacturing and the variety of application designs. The combination of the unique versatility of our gas-atomized AMtrinsic® Spherical Niobium and Tantalum Powders with the outstanding design freedom of additive manufacturing technologies opens up entirely new application opportunities

Tantalum and niobium containing powders for AM

While 3D printing expands the scope of manufacturing possibilities, the intrinsic properties of materials applied can limit the range of accessible applications. In this context Ta and Nb as well as new Ta and Nb-based alloy powders can serve special fields of application.

Due to their unique properties such as high melting points, high corrosion resistance, excellent chemical resistance as well as high thermal and electrical conductivity Ta/Nb or alloys containing those elements are suitable for a wide range of high-tech applications such as chemical, superconductors, or structural materials in high temperature environments as well as chemical processing industries. Additively manufactured implants using specific alloys containing tantalum and niobium, provide excellent performance in terms of mechanical properties and biocompatibility.

Multinary alloy compositions or refractory high-entropy alloys are thereby especially of interest to design completely new intrinsic material properties that can provide superior solutions in challenging applications especially when combined with the freedom of building complex structures by AM processes.

Customized materials for customized parts

3D printing allows for the creation of customer specific parts. This aspect is especially crucial for applications such as e.g. medical implants as the body structure of each patient is unique. To achieve optimized healing adjusted implants are of utmost importance.

Besides the ability to create customized parts even down to batch-size one production customized material composition can allow the designer of parts to take unique requirements into account.

We develop and produce alloys containing Ta/Nb in customer specific composition allowing our customers to design a material that is perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of their customers and the respective applications.

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Unique properties under extreme conditions
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AMtrinsic® NIOBIUM

Unique properties such as high temperature stability,.....
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AMtrinsic® Nb-Hf-Ti (C103)

A great fit for space propulsion applications
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AMtrinsic® Ti-Nb-Ta

For the next generation of customized medical implants
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AMtrinsic® Ti-42Nb

Excellent biocompatibility for medical implant applications
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AMtrinsic® Nb-Ta-W-Zr (FS85)

Highest degree of processability
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Customer-specific compositions upon request
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