Why choose to work for TANIOBIS?

Our decisive competitive advantage: We produce high-tech materials with unique chemical and physical properties, ideally suited to our customers’ specifications. Both our products, and the people behind them, are ‘hidden champions’, making an invisible, yet tangible, contribution to the success of our customers. This has made TANIOBIS GmbH one of the leading international technology firms.

Our employees are the driving force behind the range of metals and technologies in which we excel. We need people who want to set things in motion, people who think and act outside-the-box with expert and personal knowledge, powerful convictions, healthy pragmatism and the courage to effect change.

Does this describe you? Then you will fit right in at TANIOBIS GmbH! We are a medium-sized company, with an international focus and offer plenty of freedom for professional growth and the shaping of our shared future.

Our open Jobs

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Your benefits

We have flat hierarchies and an open leadership culture. Our employees are important to us. We are bound by collective bargaining agreements in the chemical industry and offer attractive remuneration as well as a range of benefits such as:

How do I apply?

We are pleased that you want to become part of our TANIOBIS team. To ensure that your application truly reflects who you are, please note the following:

  • Please send us your application documents: cover letter, CV, job references and a copy of your university degree certificate or certificate of completed vocational training.
  • Please do not forget to indicate in your cover letter your earliest starting date and your desired salary.

We look forward to receiving your application.

What are the steps in the selection process?

As soon as we have received your application, it will be reviewed by our HR department and the respective department. If your profile matches the position, we will get to know each other in an initial interview (by phone or in person). If we find that we would work well together, we will go into more detail in a second interview.



Would you like to gain your first professional experience? Or apply the theoretical knowledge you have acquired during your studies in practice?

To a certain extent, we offer internships for students. Are you interested? Then just apply. After we have received your application, it will first be reviewed by our HR department, then by the respective department. If your profile fits well, you will be invited to a personal interview.


Your school days are coming to an end and you want to learn a profession? Are you interested in science? Or would you like to be directly involved in the manufacture of our products or repair and maintain systems? Then just apply. We train in the following professions:

  • Chemical Technician (in Goslar and Laufenburg)
  • Chemical Laboratory Assistant (in Goslar)
  • Process Mechanic (in Goslar)
  • Industrial mechanic specializing in maintenance (in Laufenburg)
  • Electronics technician for industrial engineering (in Laufenburg)

Our starting date for apprenticeships is the 1st September of a year. We offer qualified training as well as an attractive apprentice allowance with various benefits.

  • Holiday pay
  • 13th monthly salary
  • 30 days holiday
  • Additional training lessons
  • Supplementary long-term care insurance

Employee Statements

I oversee production engineering at our metallurgical plant. While we excel in this area, we maintain meticulous attention to detail in every production step, employing scientific techniques and effective people management to ensure a seamless production process. Daily challenges arise in problem-solving, root cause analysis, and collaborating with TANIOBIS colleagues worldwide.

Sattra Yangdee - Map Ta Phut

I have been a member of the Supply Chain Management Department (SCM) at TANIOBIS Maptaphut in Thailand for over a decade. I find immense satisfaction in my work here, as the unwavering focus and do-it-best attitude of everyone consistently contribute to the company’s success, a sentiment I deeply appreciate. The familiar and supportive workplace environment fosters collaboration among colleagues at all levels, creating a harmonious and productive atmosphere.

Nuttaya Wachirapattarawong - Map Ta Phut

I am part of the Project Engineering department, specializing in construction and improvement projects in accordance with the plan. This role has exposed me to a diverse range of tasks, motivating me to apply my skills and creativity to find innovative solutions to daily challenges. Collaborating with our project partners has provided me with invaluable learning experiences, enabling me to adopt best practices that benefit both my personal growth and contribute to TANIOBIS as a whole.

Kiatsayam Salodtaku - Map Ta Phut

In my role at TANIOBIS, I oversee environmental management, specifically monitoring water, waste, and air pollution to ensure compliance with standards. Collaborating with colleagues from different departments has fostered a culture of teamwork and effective problem-solving. Our workplace is characterized by a lack of barriers, promoting a positive work environment that yields strong results. Additionally, I enjoy post-work dinners with colleagues, strengthening our team’s camaraderie.

Thunyarut Sukka - Map Ta Phut

I work in the research and development sector, where I’m responsible for a range of scientific and technical investigations and experiments. I enjoy working at TANIOBIS because I value the work atmosphere – the appreciation, recognition, respect, and feedback – which keeps me motivated every day.

Bianca-Agnes Spyra - Goslar

At TANIOBIS, there’s a pleasant work environment that combines diverse product applications, exciting future-oriented projects, and a wealth of regional and international connections.

Dr. Sven Albrecht - Goslar

I work in the field of tantalum metal reduction and am responsible for operating and monitoring the Mg reduction furnaces, as well as operating and monitoring the Na reduction. I enjoy working at TANIOBIS because over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to meet many great colleagues and work alongside them.

Carlos Alberto Dias Almeida - Goslar

I work in the quality assurance department and am responsible for analytical work. Through my tasks I feel, that by taking accountability for the data assessment gives me a sense of contribution to my company for higher quality productions. It is nice to be recognized by those surrounding me for the results of my work. But more than that, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction to my work.

Ryoka S. - Mito

I’m working in the sales department in Tokyo, Japan focusing on Asian market. My responsibility is to sell Ta powder for capacitor and Chlorides for CVD precursor and catalyst. Our product is an important material in the electronics and semiconductor markets. Building relationships with Asian customers while supporting them to meet their needs is fun and valuable.

Seungwon J. - Tokyo

I joined the company in 2019 and am responsible for all IT related matters of this company in Japan. I have wide-ranged tasks. Although I sometimes face challenges with my tasks, fortunately I have close contact with the global IT team in Germany and Thailand who I can count on. I have been grateful with all the opportunities my company has been providing me that also helps my further skill improvements.

Manabu T. - Tokyo

I enjoy working at TANIOBIS Smelting because I appreciate the collegial and family-like environment. Diverse tasks and topics provide both reason and opportunity for me to actively use my professional skills and showcase my strengths.

Thomas Janitzek - Laufenburg

I work in Customer Service where I am responsible for a range of duties.  I enjoy working at TANIOBIS USA LLC because I value the work environment, collaboration, recognition, respect and continuous support.

Christine Clark

I am the Finance Manager for Taniobis USA LLC.  I am involved in every aspect of running daily operations, maintaining accurate financial statements, and meeting Corporate reporting requirements.

What I like best about working for Taniobis is the diversity of responsibilities and interaction with internal/external contacts in the US and International.  Each day brings new challenges and relationships.

Lynne Brooks

I am the Sales Manager responsibile for one of our biggest customers in the USA. This role has its rewarding moments and challenges, and I value the strong support I have with my teammates in the USA, Germany, Thailand, and Japan. I like working for TANIOBIS because it is integral to the ever-changing application developments in the electronic industry, and the people working here are committed to the success of the company and our individual growth. Our products and the technical support we provide to our customers are second to none. It’s an exciting company to work for.

Angel Cartagena
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