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Capacitor Powders

High Voltage Tantalum Powder – Challenges and Opportunities for new Powder Generation

Size - 988.93MB / English

Highest Capacitance at higher voltages: Pushing the limits of tantalum high voltage capacitors

Size - 852.04MB / English

Tailoring the microstructure: Optimization of Tantalum powders for highest voltage applications up to 350 V

Size - 1439.92MB / English

Pushing Tantalum capacitors to the limit: A powder manufacturers view to 300 V anodizations and beyond

Size - 1292.04MB / English

AMtrinsic® Powders

Tailoring a specialty alloy for Additive Manufacturing: From powder production to parameter optimisation

Size - 4256.17MB / English

Laser beam powder bed fusion of novel biomedical titanium/niobium/ tantalum alloys: Powder synthesis, microstructure evolution and mechanical properties

Size - 20979.94MB / English

Influence of different grained powders and pellets made of Niobium and Ti-42Nb on human cell viability

Size - 2718.4MB / English

Mechanical Properties of a Newly Additive Manufactured Implant Material Based on Ti-42Nb

Size - 5944.34MB / English

Development of TiNbTaZrMo bio-high entropy alloy (BioHEA) super-solid solution by selective laser melting, and its improved mechanical property and biocompatibility

Size - 3424.59MB / English

Microstructure of an additively manufactured Ti-Ta-Al alloy using novel pre-alloyed powder feedstock material

Size - 2668.26MB / English

Novel single crystalline-like non-equiatomic TiZrHfNbTaMo bio-high entropy alloy (BioHEA) developed by laser powder bed fusion

Size - 4120.18MB / English

Damage characterisation of tantalum ion source electrodes and reconditioning by wire- and powder-based laser metal deposition

Size - 5948.86MB / English

Advanced Ti–Nb–Ta Alloys for Bone Implants with Improved Functionality

Size - 19799.73MB / English

AMPERTEC® Chlorides

Indispensable Refractory Metal Chlorides

Size - 159.53MB / English
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