AMtrinsic® NIOBIUM

Unique material properties

Powders with the highest degree of processability

TANIOBIS has unparalleled expertise in developing and manufacturing tantalum and niobium metals. Based on the unique knowledge of these core competencies, TANIOBIS is now able to offer an atomized AMtrinsic® spherical Nb powder with properties for use in various Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Our powder is characterized by: excellent flowability, high tap density, near perfect spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution. AMtrinsic® spherical Nb powders are pre-conditioned for application in laser beam powder bed fusion (L-PBF), electron beam powder bed fusion (E-PBF), direct energy deposition (DED) or according to customer requests.

AMtrinsic® spherical Nb powder

Niobium exhibits unique properties such as high temperature stability, superconductivity, high ductility and biocompatibility. Niobium powders are widely used in aerospace, medical, nuclear, energy and automotive industries.

AMtrinsic® NIOBIUM

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