With tantalum’s melting point at 3,017℃ and niobium’s at 2,477℃, these remarkable metals find versatile applications across various industries. In electronics, they excel as materials for capacitor anodes, forming ultra-thin and dense oxide layers as dielectrics. Additionally, tantalum or tantalum nitride plays a vital role as a barrier layer, effectively preventing copper diffusion in semiconductor applications.

Furthermore, the aerospace and energy sectors benefit significantly from TANIOBIS’s high-purity and high-quality tantalum and niobium powders. These metals act as additives, enhancing the corrosion resistance of critical components like turbine blades, thus improving overall performance. Moreover, their biocompatibility makes tantalum and niobium ideal choices for medical applications, including cutting-edge 3D printing technologies. Join us in exploring the vast potential and impact of these metals in shaping modern technologies and innovations.

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Additive Manufacturing

The combination of the unique versatility of our gas-atomized AMtrinsic® Spherical Niobium and Tantalum Powders with the outstanding design freedom of additive manufacturing technologies opens up entirely new application opportunities.

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Electronics and Optics

Today’s smartphones, super-thin notebooks and media tablets have to include ever more features into increasingly smaller formats.

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Mobility trends, such as connected cars or autonomous driving provide a superior driving experience combined with excellent efficiency.

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Tantalum and niobium are always coated with a perfect oxide layer that features a high degree of biocompatibility.

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Tantalum and niobium are characterized by high corrosion resistance and ductility at elevated temperatures. These properties provide many benefits to the chemical process industry, for example, to produce reactor coatings, heat-exchangers and pipelines.

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At TANIOBIS we always strive to use our innovative power to develop products that support the trend towards a greener future.

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