AMPERTEC® Chlorides

Highest purity and quality

The production of anhydrous refractory metal chlorides is one of our specialties. We market our chloride powders under the brand name AMPERTEC®. Our chlorides are characterized by a larger particle size, which means less dust formation and improved flow properties. Additionally, it has a positive effect on storage stability due to lower hydrolysis rates.

AMPERTEC® chlorides are the purest chlorides currently available on the market. They are highly reactive, and this property is utilized in various high-tech applications.

One of the main applications of the “Highest Purity” AMPERTEC® tantalum or niobium pentachloride is its direct use as an ultrapure CVD precursor. The production of microprocessors and memory chips requires special ALD/CVD precursors made from our “Semiconductor “chlorides.

The main application of “Semiconductor” and “Highest Purity” AMPERTEC® grades is their direct use in the synthesis of ultra-pure ALD and CVD precursors. These specialized ALD/CVD precursors are required for the manufacturing of microprocessors and memory chips. Taniobis also produces chloride grades for industrial applications such as catalysis or chemical synthesis.

In addition to our wide range of products, Taniobis stands out for its comprehensive application engineering support in product selection, process optimization, and customer-oriented product modification.

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