Our production process


In our chemical plant, tantalum and niobium undergo a series of process steps including separation, purification using dissolution and extraction techniques followed by crystallization processes. As a result of these processes, two important compounds are produced: Potassium Fluotantalate (K2TaF7) and Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5). Through subsequent metallurgical processes, Fluotantalate (K2TaF7) is further transformed into Tantalum Metal Powder and Tantalum Capacitor Powder, which find application in various industries. Niobium Pentoxide finds application in the optical industry.


At our metal plants, we produce powders applying several process steps such as high-temperature reactions, multiple heat treatments, milling & screening, sieving, and granulation to manipulate the composition and physical properties of powder particles. These techniques enable us to finely tune the particles to meet the specific requirements of our customers, including desired chemical composition, as well as physical and electrical properties of our tantalum capacitor powders. They play a crucial role in supporting the growth of the electronics industry.

Our Products

Our history in a nutshell

  • 1979 The company established in Pruket province, Thailand, named Thailand Tantalum Company Limited.
  • 1990 The Tantalum production plant started its commercial operation, located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong province and changed the company name to Thai Tantalum Company Limited.
  • 1996 H.C. Starck GmbH& Co.KG, a subsidiary company of Bayer acquired the majority of the company’s share and changed the company name to H.C. Starck (Thailand) Company Limited
  • 2006 – 2015 Started commercial operation and production capacity expansions
  • 2018 Become a part of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group.
  • 2020 Renamed our company to TANIOBIS Company Limited to acclaim our new, future oriented identity and operate under the new TANIOBIS brand.
  • 2023 Currently, we are only one Tantalum production plant in Thailand to produce Tantalum Primary Powder, Tantalum Capacitor Powder, Potassium Fluotantalate or K2TaF7, Niobium Pentaoxide Nb2O5 supporting the growth of electronics industries.

Statements of employees

I oversee production engineering at our metallurgical plant. While we excel in this area, we maintain meticulous attention to detail in every production step, employing scientific techniques and effective people management to ensure a seamless production process. Daily challenges arise in problem-solving, root cause analysis, and collaborating with TANIOBIS colleagues worldwide.

Sattra Yangdee - Map Ta Phut

I have been a member of the Supply Chain Management Department (SCM) at TANIOBIS Maptaphut in Thailand for over a decade. I find immense satisfaction in my work here, as the unwavering focus and do-it-best attitude of everyone consistently contribute to the company’s success, a sentiment I deeply appreciate. The familiar and supportive workplace environment fosters collaboration among colleagues at all levels, creating a harmonious and productive atmosphere.

Nuttaya Wachirapattarawong - Map Ta Phut

I am part of the Project Engineering department, specializing in construction and improvement projects in accordance with the plan. This role has exposed me to a diverse range of tasks, motivating me to apply my skills and creativity to find innovative solutions to daily challenges. Collaborating with our project partners has provided me with invaluable learning experiences, enabling me to adopt best practices that benefit both my personal growth and contribute to TANIOBIS as a whole.

Kiatsayam Salodtaku - Map Ta Phut

In my role at TANIOBIS, I oversee environmental management, specifically monitoring water, waste, and air pollution to ensure compliance with standards. Collaborating with colleagues from different departments has fostered a culture of teamwork and effective problem-solving. Our workplace is characterized by a lack of barriers, promoting a positive work environment that yields strong results. Additionally, I enjoy post-work dinners with colleagues, strengthening our team’s camaraderie.

Thunyarut Sukka - Map Ta Phut
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