Water soluble with no residue

Our niobium ammonium oxalate (NAmOx) is a white powder with a niobium content of 19-21%. It is air-stable and completely water-soluble. The water solubility depends on temperature: at room temperature, NAmOx reaches a concentration of 45 g Nb/l, which increases to 150 g Nb/l at 70°C. The addition of oxalic acid can further increase the concentration.

NAmOx allows for atomic-level mixing and is easier to handle and store compared to other soluble niobium compounds since it does not require a protective atmosphere (to prevent hydrolysis) or organic solvents.

In industrial catalysts, NAmOx is used as a dopant to increase efficiency and selectivity. It is also used as a dopant for ferrites as it enhances the susceptibility of magnetic materials. The addition of small amounts of niobium dopants can influence grain growth and grain density, which can improve magnetic properties. This provides advantages in terms of power loss, electrical resistance, and permeability.

NAmOx can also be used as a dopant for barium titanate dielectric material in multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to reduce the capacitance-temperature dependence.

In the battery industry, NAmOx is being investigated as a dopant to enhance the conductivity and lifespan of cathode materials.


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