Highest Reliability under Extreme Conditions

Due to its high melting point and excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, nickel niobium is a preferred component in superalloys used for parts that must withstand high temperatures.

Refining steels with superalloys that contain niobium ensure optimized machine performance and fuel combustion, lower machine maintenance costs and a greater degree of safety. Nickel niobium slows material aging processes and prevents crack formation under thermal stress.

Thanks to its particularly high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, nickel niobium is often used in superalloys for demanding applications in chemical facility construction. It is indispensable as a component in pipeline constructions and as an additive to applied steels and welding wire for parts subject to a corrosive environment. Niobium-based superalloys find their application in components for aircraft turbines, gas turbines and for rocket assembly parts.


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