TANIOBIS Japan's Mito Facility Attains Platinum Status of the RBA Validated Assessment Program


TANIOBIS GmbH (CEO: Kazuhiko Iida), a subsidiary of JX Metals Corporation, has earned the prestigious “Platinum” designation in the Validated Assessment Program (VAP) audit conducted by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) in Japan. This recognition underscores TANIOBIS’ unwavering dedication to ethical business practices and sustainability.

TANIOBIS Japan has achieved this elite “Platinum” status, scoring a perfect 200 out of 200 points in the Validated Assessment Program (VAP) audit, administered by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The Responsible Business Alliance is a nonprofit coalition comprising prominent electronics companies committed to upholding a sustainability code of conduct and enhancing corporate social responsibility while also focusing on ethical improvements within the global supply chain. RBA evaluates companies based on a range of criteria including labor practices, occupational safety, environmental impact, and ethical considerations. This recognition firmly underscores TANIOBIS Japan’s steadfast commitment to responsible business practices and sustainability and remains valid until November 2, 2024.

Kazuhiko Iida, The CEO of TANIOBIS GmbH expressed his appreciation, saying, “We genuinely thank our dedicated employees for their exceptional efforts in attaining this recognition. We also extend our gratitude to our suppliers and partners for their invaluable support in furthering our commitment to promoting responsible business practices.”

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