TANIOBIS invests in a new research and production plant for chlorides


TANIOBIS’ new research and production plant for chlorides at the Goslar site enables the development of new high-performance materials for the electronics and energy industries. The company is expanding its product range and responding to growing market interest in high-purity chlorides. At the same time, the facility in Laufenburg is being modernized in order to continue producing the volume and materials demanded by the market.

TANIOBIS is developing new AMPERTEC® chloride compounds using the chloride research and production plant in Goslar. These compounds are in demand from the electronics and energy industries, where they are used as the starting material for ultra-pure CVD precursors in the manufacture of microprocessors and memory chips. This is where the AMPERTEC® chlorides from the Laufenburg facility are in demand. In the future, new, even more pure chloride compounds will also be developed for the electronics industry at the Goslar plant. The multifunctional equipment of the new plant should also enable Research and Development to shorten development cycles and therefore offer new trial products more quickly in marketable quantities.

Plant restoration in Laufenburg too

Things are also happening in the Laufenburg AMPERTEC® production site: TANIOBIS is increasing production capacity in order to meet customer demand in the future. For example, high-purity refractory metal chlorides such as WCl6 are used, among other things, in electrochromic glass – which reduces the energy consumption of buildings. As a result of the plant optimization, the products are even better matched to customer requirements and continue to meet all criteria for processability, flowability, particle size distribution, and phase purity.


TANIOBIS GmbH (before July 2020 H.C. Starck Tantalum & Niobium GmbH) headquartered in Goslar, is a leading global producer with over 60 years of experience processing high-quality materials based on tantalum and niobium. In addition to the Goslar site, the company has branches in Laufenburg (Germany), Tokyo and Mito (Japan), Map Ta Phut (Thailand), and Needham, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). The company produces solutions for a wide range of different applications, including for customers from the automotive, energy, aviation, electronics, chemicals, and medical technology industries. TANIOBIS also offers state-of-the-art alloys. Tantalum and niobium play an increasingly important role in new fields of technology as well, including additive manufacturing. Their high biocompatibility, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and excellent mechanical properties make them an outstanding fit for 3D-printed implants or components in the aerospace industry. For more information, please visit www.taniobis.com.


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