Sustainability through recycling of tantalum and niobium


100% Recycling: TANIOBIS focuses on closed material cycles

The TANIOBIS Group, a manufacturer of tantalum and niobium, is taking a further step in its sustainability strategy with its recently certified closed-loop range. This involves the introduction of a 100% recycling route for various tantalum-containing synthetic concentrates (Syncon), oxides, chemicals, and metals. This approach has recently been DIN ISO 14021 certified and not only does it ensure quality across several recycling cycles, it also demonstrates TANIOBIS’ commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and fulfilling the highest quality standards.

The TANIOBIS Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality materials based on tantalum and niobium. Through its future-proven approaches and investment in sustainable technologies, the company strives to minimize its environmental footprint while offering high-quality products. TANIOBIS aims to do this using a closed material cycle. “Thanks to our recycling process, we are in a position to recover tantalum from almost all waste containing tantalum, to produce high-purity tantalum metals and oxides to meet customer requirements”, says Guido Klages, Head of HSEQ at TANIOBIS.


The company is also compliant with all common management systems and certified for DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 45001, and DIN ISO 50001. Taniobis has a long tradition of application and certification of management systems. The goal is to demonstrably meet the demands and responsibilities towards customers, employees, and the environment. Requirements are constantly developing and advancing in the areas of the environment, quality assurance, health and safety, and energy and management systems. “In all cases, certification is not just a one-off process, but rather requires continuity. We look forward to this mission, and we will always continue to develop”, explains Guido Klages.


Tantalum and niobium are materials of the future

TANIOBIS puts its sustainability philosophy into practice not just to ensure that it lives up to its claims, but also to prove that it meets its responsibilities towards customers, staff, and the environment. As the leading supplier of tantalum and niobium powders and alloys, it is deeply involved in making progress on issues that are relevant to society through research and development. For example, tantalum and niobium powder are critical for the manufacturing of biocompatible implants, which is an important contribution during these times of demographic changes. High-voltage tantalum capacitor powders are ideal for capacitors to be used in electronic mobility devices, thanks to their optimum properties, such as improved reliability even at high temperatures. Smart electric grids cannot function efficiently without tantalum and niobium materials, here, TANIOBIS is making an important contribution in improving global connectivity. “We are working intensively on issues that will determine our future. Therefore, it is only logical for us to make sure we don’t take more from the world than we need, and to produce in a resource-efficient manner”, explains Masafumi Ishii, CEO of the TANIOBIS Group.


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