TANIOBIS GmbH and Alloyed Ltd. Receive Gustaf Ekeberg Prize


TANIOBIS GmbH (CEO: Kazuhiko Iida), a subsidiary of JX Metals Corporation, in collaboration with Alloyed Ltd., has published a research paper titled “Tailored Niobium-Based Alloys for Additive Manufacturing: From Powder Production to Parameter Optimization.” The authors of this publication have now been honored with the prestigious Gustaf Ekeberg Prize. The Ekeberg Award is presented annually by the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.) to recognize outstanding contributions to tantalum research and innovation.

Named after the discoverer of tantalum, Anders Gustaf Ekeberg, the Ekeberg Award is granted to individuals or research teams who have made significant contributions to the processing, properties, and applications of tantalum. The renowned T.I.C. award aims to raise awareness of the unique properties of tantalum and its exceptional potential applications. The award ceremony took place on September 11 during the 64th General Assembly of the T.I.C. in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The research work by TANIOBIS and Alloyed Ltd. delves into the development of tantalum- and niobium-based alloy powders customized specifically for additive manufacturing (AM). Alloys such as AMtrinsic® C103 and AMtrinsic® FS-85 are of particular interest due to their relatively low density, good thermal conductivity, and excellent temperature and time-dependent mechanical properties, especially when Ni- and Co-based superalloys reach their application limits at temperatures exceeding approximately 1050°C.

While C103 is widely used in traditional manufacturing methods, the Tantalum-containing alloy FS-85 provides superior high-temperature performance and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. However, the production of parts using conventional processing methods, such as casting and machining, has always been challenging. The development of commercially available FS-85 alloy powders for Additive Manufacturing has enabled the targeting of new, high-value applications for complex-shaped, high-performance components. Understanding the workflow from powder production and characterization, to determining the optimal process parameters is a precondition for the development of such powders. In the awarded paper, TANIOBIS and Alloyed detail the process of preparing, characterizing, and processing two alloy powders – C103 and FS85 – by metal AM.

TANIOBIS’ research partner, Alloyed, is an expert in the design, development, and testing of high-performance alloys for end-use in both traditional and additive manufacturing processes. The Alloys By Design® platform, a physics-based simulation of millions of available alloys, combined with extensive metallurgical expertise, supports Alloyed’s comprehensive testing capabilities. Together, the two companies have achieved remarkable results that redefine the boundaries in the field of high-temperature applications.

“We thank Alloyed for the outstanding collaboration, now being recognized with this award. TANIOBIS GmbH is proud of this achievement and sincerely thanks T.I.C. for recognizing our commitment to advancing tantalum research and innovation. The collaboration with Alloyed opens new possibilities for high-performance and high-temperature applications in additive manufacturing technology, benefiting numerous industries,” concludes Kazuhiko Iida, TANIOBIS CEO.


TANIOBIS GmbH, a Group company of JX Metals Corporation, headquartered in Goslar, is a leading global producer with over 60 years of experience processing high-quality materials based on tantalum and niobium. In addition to the Goslar site, the company has branches in Laufenburg (Germany), Tokyo and Mito (Japan), Map Ta Phut (Thailand), and Needham, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). The company produces solutions for a wide range of different applications, including for customers from the electronics centered on capacitors and semiconductors, automotive, energy, aviation, chemicals, and medical technology industries. TANIOBIS also offers state-of-the-art alloys. Tantalum and niobium play an increasingly important role in new fields of technology as well, including additive manufacturing. Their high biocompatibility, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and excellent mechanical properties make them an outstanding fit for 3D-printed implants or components in the aerospace industry.


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