TANIOBIS Japan Co., Ltd

Our production process

The Mito Plant specializes in metal powder production based on K2TaF7 and precursors from Goslar and Map Ta Phut, as well as in the production of Na- and Mg-reduced capacitor powders for the Asian market

Our history in a nutshell

  • 1984: The company V Tech Ltd. was established – second biggest Japanese capacitor powder producer
  • 1989: H.C. Starck acquires V Tech-Fansteel Inc.
  • 2018: Acquisition by JX Nippon Mining and Metals
  • 2020: Renaming to TANIOBIS Japan Co., Ltd.

Employee Statements

I work in the quality assurance department and am responsible for analytical work. Through my tasks I feel, that by taking accountability for the data assessment gives me a sense of contribution to my company for higher quality productions. It is nice to be recognized by those surrounding me for the results of my work. But more than that, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction to my work.

Ryoka S. - Mito

I’m working in the sales department in Tokyo, Japan focusing on Asian market. My responsibility is to sell Ta powder for capacitor and Chlorides for CVD precursor and catalyst. Our product is an important material in the electronics and semiconductor markets. Building relationships with Asian customers while supporting them to meet their needs is fun and valuable.

Seungwon J. - Tokyo

I joined the company in 2019 and am responsible for all IT related matters of this company in Japan. I have wide-ranged tasks. Although I sometimes face challenges with my tasks, fortunately I have close contact with the global IT team in Germany and Thailand who I can count on. I have been grateful with all the opportunities my company has been providing me that also helps my further skill improvements.

Manabu T. - Tokyo
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