TANIOBIS GmbH, a subsidiary of JX Metals Corporation, is headquartered in Goslar, Germany, boasting over six decades of experience in tantalum and niobium solutions.

Our Legacy:

TANIOBIS GmbH has consistently delivered high-quality tantalum and niobium materials, earning us a reputation as pioneers and leaders in our field. O

Empowering Success:

Our solutions serve diverse industries, including electronics, automotive, energy, aviation, chemicals, and medical technology. We offer high-quality materials, including 3D printing powders, tailored to your innovation needs.

In Goslar:

Apart from its primary focus on the development and production of tantalum and niobium metal powders, high-purity oxides, compounds, chlorides, and custom-engineered powders tailored for 3D printing applications, TANIOBIS GmbH also hosts crucial administrative functions, raw material procurement, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and a central Research and Development (R&D) department, all situated within its Goslar facility.

Our productions processes


This is where the wet chemical extraction of tantalum and niobium is performed from raw materials, as well as the purification and crystallization of tantalum and niobium for high-end applications. We process a broad variety of feedstock into a sophisticated portfolio of powders, specialty oxides, chlorides, compounds & alloy additives. Advanced process technology allows for highest purities.


In our metal plants we adjust the compositions and design of the physical properties of powder particles by high temperature reactions, milling, sieving and granulation. In house developed magnesium reduction for capacitor powders allows highest energy densities which outperform current technologies.


Furtheron in our EIGA process (EIGA, stands for Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization) produce AMtrinsic® spherical tantalum and niobium based powders and their alloys for use in various Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Our history in a nutshell

  • 1920: Founding of H.C. Starck GmbH in Berlin
  • 1960: First tantalum production for tantalum capacitor powder (Goslar)
  • 2005 / 2014: New Mg-reduction technology, capacity expansion for Mg-reduction to meet demand
  • 2016: Capacity expansion Ta2O5 highest purity (SAW-Filter demand)
  • 2018 H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH becomes a  member of JX Nippon Mining and Metals Group
  • 2020: Renaming to TANIOBIS GmbH

Employee Statements

I work in the research and development sector, where I’m responsible for a range of scientific and technical investigations and experiments. I enjoy working at TANIOBIS because I value the work atmosphere – the appreciation, recognition, respect, and feedback – which keeps me motivated every day.

Bianca-Agnes Spyra - Goslar

At TANIOBIS, there’s a pleasant work environment that combines diverse product applications, exciting future-oriented projects, and a wealth of regional and international connections.

Dr. Sven Albrecht - Goslar

For 26 years, I have been delighted to be part of the Tantal Metal (Finishing) team, and I am responsible for the on-site material warehouse. Additionally, I serve as the time/safety officer in the area.

Sven König - Goslar

I work in the field of tantalum metal reduction and am responsible for operating and monitoring the Mg reduction furnaces, as well as operating and monitoring the Na reduction. I enjoy working at TANIOBIS because over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to meet many great colleagues and work alongside them.

Carlos Alberto Dias Almeida - Goslar
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