TANIOBIS contributes to production of sustainable battery of the future


As part of the HVBatCycle (high voltage battery recycling) project, TANIOBIS has put the lithium-ion battery (LIB) recycling facility into operation. The project’s objective was to develop sustainable, energy-efficient processes throughout the HV battery value chain, ultimately creating a closed battery materials loop. This has now been achieved.

The increasing use of batteries in a wide variety of technologies and commonplace applications has led to constant growth in the number of electrical energy storage systems. There is no end in sight to this trend: a rapid annual increase in the demand for batteries is expected across Europe for the automotive sector alone. Against this background, studies have been conducted on processes for automated dismantling, environmentally sound recycling of end-of-life batteries, and the production of new battery materials from recovered secondary raw materials. The studies clearly demonstrate the scalability and financial viability of these processes. Battery recycling also ensures a reduction in manufacturing costs and investments in sustainability.

“The boom in electric mobility has raised questions about raw material availability and recycling in the production cycle – both in research and industry and in public discourse. Recycling capacities in the battery sector need to be expanded dramatically,” states Dr Kazuyuki Marukawa, Vice Chairman at TANIOBIS, proceeding to report on the company’s research and development expertise. “TANIOBIS GmbH is a quality provider of powders containing niobium and tantalum for hydrometallurgical production methods, including solvent extraction. As a member of JX Metals Group, we have in-depth knowledge of hydrometallurgical lithium-ion battery recycling, which was also used for the project.” Under the leadership of Volkswagen AG, TANIOBIS worked on the research and development of the recycling system in cooperation with J. Schmalz GmbH, Viscom AG, the Ministry of Economics and researchers from RWTH Aachen, TU Braunschweig and the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films.

Invest in the future

TANIOBIS and JX Metals Group have been deploying their passion, capabilities, expertise and investments to advance sustainable, leading edge solutions for many years now. By putting the LIB recycling system for old batteries into operation, the companies have taken significant steps towards battery system sustainability. This means they will also provide a stable supply of modern materials indispensable for state-of-the-art systems in the future. The companies are thus playing a crucial role in the development and innovation of new technologies.

You will find more information about the company and its visions at www.taniobis.com.

Über die TANIOBIS GmbH

Die TANIOBIS GmbH mit Hauptsitz in Goslar ist ein weltweit führender Produzent mit über 60 Jahren Erfahrung in der Verarbeitung hochwertiger Materialien auf Tantal- und Niob-Basis. Niederlassungen bestehen neben Goslar in Laufenburg (Deutschland), Tokio und Mito (Japan), Map Ta Phut (Thailand) und Needham (USA). Das Unternehmen fertigt Lösungen für unterschiedlichste Anwendungsgebiete, unter anderem für Kunden aus den Branchen Automotive, Energy, Luftfahrt, Electronics, Chemische Industrie und Medizintechnik. TANIOBIS bietet zudem Legierungen, die dem modernsten Stand der Technik entsprechen. Auch in neuen Technologiebereichen, wie z.B. der additiven Fertigung, spielen Tantal und Niob eine zunehmend wichtige Rolle. Durch ihre hohe Biokompatibilität, Korrosions- und Oxidationsbeständigkeit sowie sehr guten mechanischen Eigenschaften, eignen sie sich hervorragend für 3D-gedruckte Implantate oder Bauteile in der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie.

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