Ultraflat anode design for ultramodern capacitors

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A fundamental trend in consumer electronics is the miniaturization and the development of ultra-thin products. In mobile applications, this trend is essential to their success – not only from a technical standpoint, but also because design is a crucial purchasing argument to these lifestyle products.

The challenge passive component manufacturers are facing today amid the megatrend of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a perpetual and accelerant turn towards ultra-thin devices. Wearables and innovative communication or electronic medical devices require ultra-flat designs and energy efficient technology.

Paste technology offers a new way to achieve ultra-thin capacitor designs and increased volumetric efficiency of capacitance. It allows the use of alternative materials such as niobium monoxide or alternative process designs, producing anodes in a highly efficient manner. In every application where conventional anode pressing of powder starts to become difficult, paste technology leads to innovative designs. These new ultra-thin designs can improve capacitor performance by decreasing ESR/ESL values, while increasing volumetric capacitances. Reduced resistive losses of embedded designs helps to increase battery life.

Paste technology at a glance

  • Opportunity for ultra-flat anode designs, not achievable with pressing, allowing ultra-low profile capacitor designs
  • Higher energy density than aluminum capacitors, but the same multianode design
  • Possibility to integrate capacitors into PCB embedded designs
  • Very high volumetric capacitance
  • Easier application of alternative materials like niobium monoxide (NbO)
  • Better thermo-mechanical stability than for ceramic capacitors
  • Low ESR / Low ESL components

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