Tantalum and Niobium Oxalates

Water Soluble Niobium and Tantalum Compounds

Our tantalum and niobium oxalates are completely water soluble compounds that can be used for mixtures with other dissolved metal compounds at atomic level. They therefore allow best possible homogeneity with niobium or tantalum in water based blending or doping processes. Upon heating no hazardous substances are evolved and the resulting Nb2O5 and Ta2O5 have a high purity level of 4N (99.99%). These mixtures are applied for example in the production of catalytic converters and electroceramics.

Our Niobium Ammonium Oxalate (NAmOx) is a white powder that is stable in air and completely water-soluble. In industrial catalysts NAmOx is used as a dopant to increase the efficiency and selectivity. It is also applied as a dopant for ferrites as it increases the susceptibility of magnetic materials.

NAmOx can also be used as a dopant for dielectric Barium titanate for multilayered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to improve capacity's dependence on temperature. In the battery industry NAmOx is investigated as dopant to increase the conductivity and cycle life of cathode materials.

Moreover, we develop customized water-soluble niobium and tantalum compounds according to customers' individual requirements.


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AQUEOUS SOLUTION OF NIOBIUM OXALATE PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATION (The product described is still under test. Amendments of all technical data are possible. Special care has to be taken while processing.)
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