Tantalum and Niobium Oxides

High Purity for single Crystal Production

Our niobium and tantalum oxides are well-suited as a precursor in a wider range of applications.

High-purity tantalum and niobium oxides enhance the refractive index of specialty lenses for high-end cameras or cameras in parking assistance systems. Through doping, they also increase the performance of multi-layered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Lithium niobate and lithium tantalate derived from high-purity oxides, are used to manufacture electronic components like surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters which can be applied in mobile devices.

As one of the leading suppliers of high-purity tantalum and niobium oxides, we are a reliable partner for customers throughout all industries. With our experience and expertise in application technology, we can provide product solutions with customised morphology, purity and recycling services to match your requirements.