Niobium Ammonium Oxalate

NIOBIUM AMMONIUM OXALATE (NAmOx) - Water soluble with no residue

The TANIOBIS product range features an extensive spectrum of niobium compounds adapted for a wide variety of applications and markets. Our niobium ammonium oxalate (NAmOx) is a white powder that is stable in air and completely water soluble. The water solubility depends on temperature: at room temperature NAmOx reaches a concentration of 45 g Nb/l, which increases as the temperature rises to 150 g Nb/l at 70°C; adding oxalic acid can increase the concentration even further.

NAmOx enables mixing at atomic level and, in comparison with other soluble niobium compounds, it is easy to handle and store because it requires neither a protective atmosphere (to prevent hydrolysis) nor organic solvents.

Niobium ammonium oxalate is needed in the production of catalytic converters, ferrites and electroceramics.In the production of ferrites, the addition of small amounts of niobium dopants can influence grain growth and density, which can improve magnetic properties. Above all, this provides advantages with regard to power loss, electrical resistance and permeability.

In the production of multilayered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) NAmOx is used to increase capacity. Doping the carrier material barium titanate with NAmOx positively affects the capacity's dependence on temperature. This supports the trend toward further miniaturization of electrical end devices by allowing optimum use of existing space.


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Typical Applications for this product are Electroceramics, Ceramic Capacitors, Piezo Ceramics and Catalysts.