Capacitor Materials

Maximum Performance – Minimum Space

Tantalum and Niobium Capacitor Powder

The trend toward miniaturisation in the electronics industry continues unabated: smaller and smaller devices are expected to provide an ever-increasing level of performance with more and more functions. As a result, the capacitors used in these devices must achieve greater performance in smaller spaces. Tantalum capacitors are particularly well-suited to this task: anodes made of pressed, sintered tantalum powder provide an extremely high degree of volumetric efficiency.

TANIOBIS offers tantalum powder in a wide variety of grain sizes suitable for all capacitance ranges of the tantalum capacitors currently in demand. We can provide the right solution for any task and any technological context.

The chemical characteristics of niobium monoxide also make it a suitable material for capacitors: it is a ceramic material that exhibits a lower tendency to ignite than tantalum, due to a higher degree of oxidation stability. For this reason, niobium monoxide capacitors have excellent long-term stability and are perfectly suitable for portable applications.

High-voltage resistant capacitor powders for maximum reliability

Our high-voltage resistant capacitor powders play an important role in areas where safety and low breakdown rates are highly significant. The focus is on both the increase in energy density, and the safe and error-free operation over the long term. Our powders are highly suitable for applications in vehicle electronics, such as air-bag systems, GPS and ABS systems, ignition and engine control modules, as well as aerospace and defence. technology.

Excellent reliability

Tantalum capacitors are also used in medical applications – such as in hearing systems or implantable medical electronics – and anywhere where maximum performance within minimum space is required, for example, in implantable defibrillators or pacemakers.