AMtrinsic® - Powders for Additive Manufacturing

AMtrinsic® - Spherical Refractory Metal Powders Optimized for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, provides the possibility to produce complex, individually customized parts. This technology has revolutionized manufacturing and the variety of application designs. The combination of the unique versatility of our gas-atomized AMtrinsic® Spherical Powders and alloys containing Tantalum and Niobium with the outstanding design freedom of additive manufacturing technologies opens up entirely new application opportunities.

Our strength: We use our unique expertise in Ta/Nb to provide and develop elemental or customized alloy powders that further extend the boundaries of AM solutions by providing new intrinsic material properties.

Our portfolio contains elemental powders as well as standard alloys or customer specific alloys and is constantly extended to provide alloy compositions that have not been produced yet for AM markets.

We make Ta/Nb and their alloys accessible for AM technology to create new and unique solutions in high performance applications such as e.g. chemical processing, superconductors, energy, high temperature environments or biomedical applications. We support our customers by developing spherical alloy powders in the composition that they need.

AMtrinsic® - innovative powder solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Our products

AMtrinsic® Spherical*

Main Application


  • Medical implants
  • Applications that combine high corrosion resistance with freedom of design
  • Corrosion-resistant components and high-
    temperature applications in the chemical processing industries


  • Corrosion-resistant components and high- temperature applications
  • Superconductor applications


  • Next generation of customized medical implants


  • High-performance applications that require the combination of high elasticity and high strength


  • Heat and corrosion-resistant components, e.g. in aerospace applications
Nb/Ta/W/Zr (FS85)
  • High temperature application that requires high strength and good creep resistance


  • High-temperature shape memory alloys
  • Biomedical applications

Nb/Hf/Ti (C103)

  • High stress resistance at extreme temperatures e.g. in aerospace applications

High-entropy alloys

  • Heat and corrosion resistance

* Other alloy compositions upon request