AMPERTEC® Tungsten(VI) Oxide Tetrachloride

AMPERTEC® Tungsten(VI)oxide Tetrachloride (WOCl4) - Purity and material expertise

Chloride production is one of TANIOBIS' specialties. Our new AMPERTEC® tungsten(VI)oxide tetrachloride extends our portfolio with a highly reactive form of tungsten used in several coating processes.

The high vapor pressure of the tungsten(VI)oxide tetrachloride makes it a perfect candidate for the deposition of WO3 or W metal layers by CVD/ALD, offering the advantage compared to WCl6 of reduced number of the reactive species like alcohol or Cl groups during the deposition processes.

Furthermore, many high purity alkoxides or other compounds can be synthesized from AMPERTEC® tungsten(VI)oxide tetrachloride, that are suitable for sol-gel processes or catalytic applications.

In addition to its wide spectrum of specialized products, TANIOBIS’ portfolio is characterized by comprehensive application technology support for questions regarding product selection and process optimization, as well as customer-oriented product modification and enhancement.


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