AMPERTEC® Molybdenum Pentachloride

AMPERTEC® MOLYBDENUM PENTACHLORIDE (MoCl5) - Purity and material expertise

Chloride production is one of TANIOBIS' specialties. AMPERTEC® Molybdenum pentachloride is a highly reactive molybdenum compound. This characteristic is used in various applications like catalytic processes, coating and doping.

Our molybdenum pentachloride is a fine powder. It can be used for the synthesis of a wide range of Mo catalyst compounds, e. g. for metathesis reactions.

AMPERTEC® Molybdenum pentachloride’s high reactivity and lack of oxygen benefits the synthesis of alkoxides and e. g. amides. They are candidates in Sol-Gel large area coatings for optical applications or as ALD/CVD precursors (atomic layer deposition/chemical vapor deposition) for manufacture of microprocessors and memory chips.


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