Tantalum and niobium powders in vehicle electronics

Automated, electrified and digitally networked: the big trends for the mobility of the future are here. Mobility trends, such as connected cars or autonomous driving provide a superior driving experience combined with excellent efficiency. Our tantalum and niobium powders play an important role in the areas where safety and low breakdown rates are required. Error-free operation over the long term is crucial for applications in vehicle electronics such as air-bag systems, GPS and ABS systems, sensor technology, ignition and engine control modules.

High-voltage tantalum capacitor powders are a perfect basis for the capacitors used in the electronic applications, where enhanced reliability, wide temperature ranges and low leakage are required. Especially in mobility applications they are contributing to driving safety and to more flexibility and driving comfort for users. Moreover, lithium niobate and lithium tantalate derived from high-purity oxides are used to manufacture electronic components, such surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters applied in mobile communication in connected cars.