Green Energy

Green Energy with tantalum and niobium powders

At TANIOBIS we always strive to use our innovative power to develop products that support the trend towards a greener future as we see both technical progress and sustainability as our responsibility. For that reason, we develop tantalum and niobium powders that contribute to the functionality and efficiency of renewable energy sources.

Refining steels with superalloys that contain niobium ensure improved machine performance and fuel combustion, lower machine maintenance costs and greater safety. Nickel niobium slows material aging processes and prevents crack formation under thermal stress, which makes it very well suited for application in gas turbine components. Also, wind energy towers and turbines make use of our niobium powders as alloys additives in advanced steels to increase their strength and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Battery technology uses niobium in chemical compounds to make safer, cost-effective, more powerful cells that charge faster. Lithium-ion Batteries (LIB) convert stored chemical energy into electricity. Niobium is increasingly being applied in the composition of LIB materials to meet the increasing demand for higher performance, longer-life, and safety.