AMtrinsic® Spherical TaW Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Powders with the highest degree of processability

Right in step with the latest market developments and based on our long expertise in powder metallurgy, we have developed an atomized AMtrinsic® Spherical TaW Powder with properties required by different Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Our powder is characterized by: excellent flowability, high tap density, perfectly spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution. AMtrinsic® Spherical TaW Powders are pre conditioned for application in Laser Beam Melting (10-63 μm), Electron Beam Melting (63-105 μm), Laser Metal Deposition (105-150 μm) or according to customer requests. Currently available compositions include Ta10W, Ta5W and Ta2.5W (in wt%) Customized compositions are available upon request.