Compounds & Chlorides

Excellent Application Technology

At your side with excellent application technology

As one of the leading suppliers of tantalum and niobium metal powders and compounds, we are a reliable partner for customers from all industrial sectors. Our products are characterized by their consistently high quality. With our experience and expertise in application technology, we can provide engineered product solutions to your demanding, technically challenging and unique requirements. We provide high-quality tantalum and niobium in four main product groups: metal powders, oxides, alloys additives, and compounds and chlorides.


Our product range features a comprehensive spectrum of tantalum and niobium compounds adapted for a wide variety of applications and markets. Our tantalum and niobium oxalate solutions are completely soluble compounds that can be used for mixtures at atomic level. These mixtures are applied for example in the production of catalytic converters and electroceramics. One example of oxalates is our niobium ammonium oxalate. In multilayered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) NAmOx is used to increase capacity. Doping the carrier material barium titanate with NAmOx positively affects the capacity's dependence on temperature. This supports the trend toward miniaturization of electrical end devices by allowing optimum use of existing space. NAmOx is also used as a dopant in the battery industry to increase the conductivity of cathode materials. Doping with NAmOx can also achieve increases in battery charge/discharge cycles.


Niobates are inorganic compounds that contain niobium and oxygen. These materials are characterized by good piezoelectric properties. To meet the needs of numerous applications, we provide a wide variety of niobium compounds. Our niobate product group includes magnesium niobate and potassium niobate, among others.

Niobates are used as a dopant for piezo ceramics (lead zirconate titanate) in the production of piezo actors, for example. Electronically controlled piezo actors are used in high-pressure diesel injection systems to ensure considerably more efficient and trouble-free handling along with lower emission values. Magnesium niobate is the main component in dielectric lead zirconate titanate.


Chloride production is one of our specialties. We market our chloride powders under the brand name AMPERTEC®. Our chlorides are characterized by a larger particle size, which provides improved material flow characteristics. Moreover, the materials are characterized by less dust formation and improved storage capability due to a lower rate of hydrolysis.

Our AMPERTEC® chlorides are the purest chlorides currently available on the market and highly reactive. This characteristic is put to use in various exciting applications.

The main application of "Highest Purity" AMPERTEC® tantalum or niobium pentachloride is its direct use as an ultrapure CVD precursor. The production of microprocessors and memory chips requires special CVD precursors made from our chlorides.

Moreover, ruthenium and iridium oxides doped with tantalum pentachloride are used as corrosion-resistant electrical conductors in anodes used in electrolysis. Tantalum pentachloride is highly reactive and dissolves completely and without residue in the anode coating solution. In addition to the electrolysis application, these anodes are also used in ocean water desalination facilities.